Espresso: Garstedt Blend


Country: Brazil – El Salvador

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Farm/Co-operative: Br: Cooperativa Cooxupé – El Salva: La Divina Providencia. 

Altitude: Brasil 800-1300 Masl. El Salvador Divina 1650 – 1750 Masl.

Arabica Varietal: Brazilian Varieties, El Salvador Kenya Variety. 

Processing Method: Natural and Washed. 

Notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel, Dried fruits. 

Amount: 250 grams

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Tailored made for the classical coffee drinker. We proudly present a juicy and creamy blend for the traditional coffee drinker

named after our wonderful neighbourhood of Garstedt. Tastes great with milk and also makes a great black coffee. This blend is

made out of 2 components, Local Brazilian Varieties from the Cerrado Region, sourced by Cooperativa Cooxupé. And a washed Kenya Variety from 

from Divina Providencia El Salvador. The tasting notes are: Juicy, Sweet, round chocolaty body, mild fruitiness, structured

with a hint of Caramel finish! 

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