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Taste profiile: Sweet, floral, grape. Complex with pleasant notes of rum & wine.

Washing Station: Muhondo.

Producer: Wellars Karangwa.

Awards: Cup of Excellence.

Manager: Habyarimana Jean  Nepomuscene.

Cultivar: Bourbon, Jackson.

Region: Gakenke district.

Process: Natural drying on raised beds.







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Muhondo washing station is situated in the Gakenke district, northern region of Rwanda, at an altitude of 1800m. The surrounding hills are covered with coffee plants and houses of local farmers, who carry their cherries by bike or on foot to the washing station. The founding of Muhondo washing station has led to a steady income of the farmers and supports them in terms of loans, trainings and clean water supply.

Muhondo washing station was initially founded in 2006 and transitioned to full operation by Muhondo Coffee Company in 2013.  It is located in the Gakenke district, northern province of Rwanda. The weather and soil conditions are ideal for coffee cultivation. In the area of Muhondo, coffee receives enough rain during the months of October to May, which makes the coffee grow slower and leads to a distinct flavor profile and body.

It the last couple of years more and more farmers from the area of Muhondo invested in the cultivation of coffee. The income generated by coffee has enabled many people to solve problems such as paying for school fees, health insurance and taking care of their families. The founding of Muhondo washing station not only created jobs for many people, it also provides a security for the farmers in this region, who are supported with loans, trainings and clean water supply.


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